College Ambassador Program


Build relationships with universities and professional organizations to reach a larger pool of diverse candidates and build a pipeline of candidates for future Ad Council hiring searches.


To widen our recruiting net seeking out top talent with perspectives and backgrounds that reflect the diverse demographics, last year, we created a pilot ambassador program to reach students at targeted colleges and universities. The goal is to plant the seeds for a more diverse pipeline of candidates for future Ad Council hiring and internships. By going beyond standard job posts and actually speaking to students on campus, we reached a broad range of students who have the skills and passion to work at the Ad Council.


During our pilot year we targeted 18 schools and completed 14 events, including 5 multi-college career fairs, 5 colleges for class presentations (reaching 500+ total students), and 4 colleges for career center or student club speaking sessions. We identified staff ambassadors who led the outreach and were trained on telling the Ad Council’s story to students. Most notably – we found amazing students who were eventually hired. Several of our recent internship and full-time hires came from these priority schools.


Danna Kulzer; VP, Talent


We can only do our best work when we are fully present, and we can only be fully present when we show up as our authentic selves.

Lisa Sherman
CEO, Ad Council
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