Cision was looking to effectively address diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the modern workplace, by having the organization recognize a very problematic (and rather common) process that affects all employees: unconscious bias. Committed to providing a positive, inclusive workplace that is diverse and free from bias, Cision sought a viable solution that would lead to successful results.


Cision implemented a new, required training program for employees titled, “Diversity & Inclusion: Unconscious Bias.” This course was designed to help employees be aware of their own unconscious biases and work to overcome them. The course aimed to educate employees and help them define, recognize and identify the common triggers of unconscious bias.


Employees learned how to understand how unconscious bias can negatively influence certain actions and decisions in the workplace. Ultimately, the program provided employees with tactics to practice inclusive behaviors and create a workplace in which everyone can benefit from each other’s differences. The training was rolled out in the US and was met with positive feedback. The training will be implemented globally in 2019 and will be a part of greater ongoing training to maintain a workplace in which everyone can benefit from each other’s differences.


Valerie Lopez


Our goal at Cision is to hire, motivate, and develop outstanding, diverse people who work together harmoniously toward common objectives. Cision is committed to our employees' ongoing development, encouraging them to bring out the best in each other by supporting and creating programs that build upon their knowledge and skills and allow them to excel in their careers.

Kevin Akeroyd
Cision CEO
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