Cision Partners with Black Girls Code


Cision’s employee resource group, Empower was looking for philanthropic opportunities to help build diversity in STEM fields by encouraging the self-confident tech leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Empower focuses on providing an all-inclusive forum supporting women and promoting diversity & inclusion through career development, networking and personal growth opportunities at Cision.


Empower partnered with the nonprofit organization Black Girls Code to help empower young girls of color to become innovators in STEM fields and leaders in their communities through exposure to computer science and technology. The organization provides the opportunity to learn in-demand skills in technology and computer programming at a time when young girls are thinking about what they want to be when they grow up. Exposure to specific skills needed to thrive in the industry help shape and influence their choices when it comes to thinking of higher education and career options.


The group of attendees participated in a coding exercise led by Cision volunteers. The exercise involved an interactive game for the girls and young women to learn Python-programming skills. Cision volunteers provided them with exposure to the in-demand skills needed in programming at a time when young girls are thinking about education and career aspirations. Cision is proud to be a corporate partner in helping reach the nonprofit organization’s greater mission by striving to diversify an industry with limited representation of women of color.


Valerie Lopez


Our goal at Cision is to hire, motivate, and develop outstanding, diverse people who work together harmoniously toward common objectives. Cision is committed to our employees' ongoing development, encouraging them to bring out the best in each other by supporting and creating programs that build upon their knowledge and skills and allow them to excel in their careers.

Kevin Akeroyd
Cision CEO
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