Cision Employee Resource Groups


As a global, multicultural organization, Cision recognized the need for employee-led resource groups (ERGs) to foster an inclusive culture and bring awareness to diversity & inclusion in the workplace by providing employees with opportunities to connect with peers with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.


Cision created several ERGs to help employees feel supported, engaged and empowered. ERG events also addressed employees’ need for opportunities to build leadership skills and promote career development.

Cision ERGs:

  • Empower: Founded in 2014, Empower is an all-inclusive employee resource group that advocates women’s leadership, diversity, and equity through career development, networking, and growth opportunities. Chapters include New York City, Chicago, Cleveland, Beltsville, Albuquerque, Denver, London, Reston, Montreal, Virtual
  • Pulse: Founded in 2018, Pulse provides our LGBTQ+ employees and allies an assurance that we will create and sustain a safe, inclusive, and equitable environment that allows employees of all identities to succeed and thrive. We foster a culture that celebrates diversity and inclusivity, and champion this same diversity in our communities through outreach, community partnerships, and volunteerism. Chapters include Cleveland, Chicago, Albuquerque, Montreal
  • Embrace: Founded in 2019, Embrace is committed to honoring the diversity of voices that comprise our global organization and recognizes that in doing so, we create and culture a safe environment. Embrace is committed to developing leaders that reflect Cision and our communities multicultural make up, and in doing so, will lead the industry as a workplace that values talent regardless of race, background, ethnic origin or religion. Chapters include Albuquerque, Beltsville, Chicago, Cleveland, Montreal

The launch of Cision’s ERG groups has led to successful initiatives, including observing International Women’s Day, PRIDE Month, Global Diversity Awareness Month and Black History Month; creating global leadership development opportunities; providing peer-networking opportunities; and raising awareness to diversity and inclusion through various ERG initiatives.


Valerie Lopez 
[email protected]


Our goal at Cision is to hire, motivate, and develop outstanding, diverse people who work together harmoniously toward common objectives. Cision is committed to our employees' ongoing development, encouraging them to bring out the best in each other by supporting and creating programs that build upon their knowledge and skills and allow them to excel in their careers.

Kevin Akeroyd
Cision CEO
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