Changing the Flow of Capital


In the U.S. it is estimated that less than 2.5% of venture capital goes to women led startups and that only 1% goes to Black CEOs.


We made a commitment that for all investment funds launched by Unreasonable, at minimum 20% of our investments will go into female founded and led companies and at minimum 20% will go into companies led by racially diverse CEOs. This will be our minimum threshold — Our goal is to far exceed it.


We currently have an investment fund at Unreasonable Capital Fund I. With our first fund, 30% of our portfolio companies are led by Black CEOs and 40% of our investments have been placed into female founded and led companies. Furthermore, our investment committee is made up of two individuals born on the African continent and our entire investment committee is made up exclusively of individuals who identify as “People of Color.”


Daniel Epstein


As a company, we exist to profitably solve global problems. One of the largest contributors to global inequity is the current flow of investment dollars. As fund managers, we have a moral imperative, and unprecedented financial opportunity, in investing our dollars into more diverse founders and leadership teams. Unreasonable has a strategic and moral imperative to actively combat systemic racism and issues of injustice at large.

Daniel Epstein
CEO, Unreasonable Group
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