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Chancellor's Commission on Women


The continued need to attract and retain talented women, a growing workforce of women seeking mentoring, sponsoring and coaching, and the need to support the advancement of women and minorities into leadership positions.


The primary mission of the Commission on Women is to be an advocate for the interest of the entire community of women at the University of Arkansas. This community includes undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, administrators, and both classified and non-classified staff. To achieve its mission, the Commission:

  • Advises and makes recommendations to the chancellor and the provost on issues related to women.
  • Communicates and collaborates with other groups concerned with gender and diversity.
  • Identifies issues critical to the environment of faculty, staff, and student women.
  • Assesses the differential impact of all university policies on women.
  • Proposes initiatives and strategies to ensure a supportive and welcoming environment.
  • Educates the community about women’s issues.


  • Parental Leave for all Employees - Faculty Modified Work Assignment
  • Mentoring and Support Network Establishment
  • Campus Security
  • Maternity parking
  • Chancellors cabinet now has three women members out of 11, the most to date

Any educational institution that does not strive to reflect the complexity and diversity of our state, nation, and the world, is failing its students and failing its faculty. I joined this pledge because I believe we must all do a better job of creating welcoming and inclusive environments and expand our definition and views of diversity because it means different things in different areas.

Chancellor Joseph E. Steinmetz

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