Action Categories D&I Webpage and 2019 Annual Report


We are committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace that attracts top talent, maintains employee satisfaction and increases financial returns. The global workforce is a diverse mosaic of people from various cultures and ethnic backgrounds. We recognized that current job seekers are looking to join companies who are diverse and inclusive. Cerner did not have a diversity and inclusion webpage or annual report showcasing the diversity and inclusion efforts of the organization.


As Cerner continues to attract and retain a diverse team of talented associates to serve the needs of our clients, we developed a diversity and inclusion enhancement to our platform. We know the best way to drive change and build a culture of inclusion starts with the people you work with every day. Cerner launched the diversity and inclusion webpage and annual report to showcase our diversity and inclusion efforts and highlight our tremendous diversity and inclusion journey connected to our four lenses: Workforce, Workplace, Marketplace, and Community.

The initial annual report looks back at the organization’s efforts and activities during 2019 to making diversity and inclusion a priority for the organization. The website was designed to showcase our diversity and inclusion journey over the past 40 years. Additionally, we understand the importance of identifying, supporting and engaging diverse suppliers that are aligned with our business needs. The D&I webpage links to our procurement process that is inclusive of diverse businesses. This allows us to create opportunities to partner with those that are or have been underrepresented in the industry.


These actions allowed us to increase talent engagement and drive quality talent acquisition. This communication channel also further promotes the benefits of D&I integration and shares Cerner’s commitment to D&I across the organization for current and potential Cerner associates, investors, and clients.


Dr. Andrea Hendricks


Delivering on Cerner’s vision of ‘a seamless and connected world where everyone thrives’ requires us to continue to foster a more inclusive work environment where associates from all backgrounds help shape the future of health care. Our ongoing commitment to Diversity & Inclusion is an important aspect of our culture, one that makes Cerner a great place to work.

Brent Shafer
Chairman and CEO, Cerner
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