CEO Diversity Roundtable (USA) and (Global)


The inability for the CEO along with top leadership to have unfiltered and unbiased perspective of the worker experience for underrepresented diverse associates (UDA)’s—blacks and/or African Americans, Latin X/Hispanics and Native Americans and Indigenous People across the organization.  


The establishment of two (2) CEO Diversity Roundtable’s; one for the USA-domestic associates and one for the global associates. Two separate roundtables (8-10 individuals each) are being established to provide the CEO and CCAO with opportunities to have private conversations two to three times a year to have open, unfettered talks around the cultural experience of diverse associates or any other topic the groups or the CEO deem critical to discuss.   

Each roundtable will include representative UDA’s. There should be, as much as possible, full representation across gender, age, geography, and tenure within the company.

The unfettered dialogue should provide a better understanding of the needs, concerns and opportunities for UDA’s across AmerisourceBergen, with the hope that this may or will enact changes that impact corporate policy, methods and procedures that will better support a more diverse, equitable and inclusive organization.


A group of both domestic and global leaders have been identified to sit on both roundtables. The discussions will begin in June 2021. And although the conversations will be private, the essence of the conversation and key recommendations will be recorded and archived and shared with other leaders within the C-Suite.


Lonie Haynes, SVP and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer


At AmerisourceBergen, diversity, inclusion and equity are at the core of who we are. Our commitment to these values is unwavering—across our broad and ever-expanding global footprint. We understand and embrace that diverse perspectives and experiences are central to our mission and impact on creating healthier futures for everyone.

Steve Collis
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