CEO Commitment to Improving Our Culture


After years of economic difficulty in our industry, as well as our company, U.S. Steel has stabilized its finances and is aggressively reinvesting in its physical assets. Our President & CEO, Dave Burritt, has also recognized that we need to simultaneously invest in our people and create a culture of caring and inclusion.


In a letter to all employees, Mr. Burritt reaffirmed his commitment to fairness and respect for one another as bedrock principles of this company. In support of this commitment, and with the support of the U. S. Steel leadership team, Mr. Burritt has taken a leadership role in reinstituting our Diversity Council to provide corporate guidance and oversight on improving diversity and inclusion.  The Diversity Council has already launched our first-ever Inclusion Survey to establish a baseline on employee sentiments to guide future initiatives and monitor progress.  He is also supporting enhanced visibility and activity of our Employee / Business Resource Groups to make sure women, minorities, veterans and new professionals are heard, valued and engaged.  He is also supportive of the formation of other Business Resource Groups, such as LGBTQ, if employee interest exists.   Through his personal appeal to all employees, his participation on the Diversity Council, and his interest and financial support of the Business Resource Groups, Mr. Burritt has created excitement and provided resources to enable the development of a culture of caring for current and prospective employees.


The Diversity Council meets regularly to develop actions to address issues identified in the Inclusion Survey.  The Business Resource Groups are establishing charters and activities in support of their specific demographic, while also looking for opportunities to work collaboratively on common issues and concerns.  Human Resources is helping to align all efforts toward achievement of company diversity goals.


For U. S. Steel to be vibrant, relevant and prosperous, our workforce must reflect the ever-changing face of our country.  We must embrace diversity, in all of its forms, by creating a culture that welcomes, encourages and recognizes the contributions all people have to offer.  Taking the CEO Action for Inclusion pledge is one way to show my commitment to leading change in this important area of our business.

David Burritt
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