Central Louisiana Technical College (CLTCC) Cleco Power of Promise and Diversity Scholarship Program


As greater numbers of long-tenured employees retire, Cleco has found it challenging to recruit and retain diverse, qualified candidates to fill craft and technical positions. Cleco also found that entry-level candidates lacked the technical skillsets needed to be effective with industry specific technology.


In November 2019, Cleco committed $1.0 million to Central Louisiana Technical Community College (CLTCC) to help fund training and curriculum development, as well as scholarships for diverse students in manufacturing-related programs.

Cleco’s investment is funding scholarships, training, and curriculum development through the following:

  • The Cleco Power of a Promise scholarship covers full tuition costs, books, and a stipend for incidentals for two economically-disadvantaged minority or female students enrolled in CLTCC’s Industrial Manufacturing Technology program with a concentration in Electrical and Instrumentation or Millwright. In turn, students participating in the scholarship program work 10 hours a week at Cleco’s Brame Energy Center to gain hands-on experience and further prepare themselves for successful entry into the workforce. Upon completion of the program, graduates with demonstrated technical and behavioral skills are given an opportunity to apply for a full-time position at Cleco.

  • The Cleco Diversity Scholars Program awards forty (40) $1,000 scholarships to diverse students enrolled in courses in CLTCC’s manufacturing area.

  • Curriculum development and supplement professorships help support the education of a highly skilled, diverse workforce to fill craft and technical positions.

The scholarship application will be released to high school students in central Louisiana in 2020.   In addition, a committee will be formed to evaluate the effectiveness of CLTCC Industrial Manufacturing Technology Program. 


Tonya Nash

Normanique Preston, Chief HR & Diversity Officer


Cleco’s investment in CLTCC connects our central Louisiana community in so many ways. It develops a workforce of manufacturing employees and creates a job-ready workforce for our company and for our customers which will, in turn, support economic development. Additionally, our donation helps attract and retain outstanding faculty members and ensures students are prepared for a successful career.

Bill Fontenot
Cleco President and CEO
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