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Celebrating the Achievements of Women and Overcoming Barriers to Success


Provide an open and supportive forum for women to celebrate achievements and share their struggles / barriers to success.


Hosted 12 Virtual Roundtables with 146 participants in total. We are committed to creating an open and supportive work environment – one that’s diverse, inclusive, and vibrant – where all associates have the opportunity to discuss the topics that matter most to them.


To establish a Women’s Leadership Employee Resource Group that will empower women in various stages of their career to collaborate and foster the growth & success of one another. In turn, they will support our ability to build a respected and innovative organization through the contribution of women, continuing to make Eclipse Senior Living a Great Place to Work.

Women’s History Month is an annual opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women and examine the barriers society still needs to overcome. In a nod to both themes, Eclipse Senior Living hosted 12 roundtable conversations among female associates throughout the month of March 2021. Participating Eclipse associates ranged from young professionals and those who have made career pivots to women who have enjoyed long careers in senior living.

The roundtables were a judgement-free zone that encouraged the sharing of personal, unique, emotional, and challenging responses. Participating Eclipse associates represented a spectrum of senior living perspectives and roles — from working directly with community residents to working remotely behind-the-scenes. Eclipse senior leadership facilitated the discussions, which highlighted barriers that remain for women to grow their careers in senior living and explored ways to reduce and eliminate them.

The virtual one-hour sessions provided a platform for female associates to speak among themselves and with senior leadership on a wide range of topics, including:

  • what it takes to have a successful career,
  • the impact of the pandemic on the workplace,
  • issues women in the workplace want senior leadership to know, and
  • programs they believe will support their

Eclipse is dedicated to working on overcoming the hurdles female associates face in the workplace and at home. By creating a platform to gather feedback, Eclipse can help associates overcome challenges and provide opportunities to achieve greater success.

Eclipse is grateful for the time and insights shared by associates and is dedicated to learning from the past and advancing opportunities in the future.

Eclipse offers several associate programs, including I.D.E.A., which aims to nurture and promote inclusion, diversity, equality, and acceptance. Designed to recruit new associates and identify and promote talent from within, the program includes these objectives:

  • Encourage more diverse job applicants, especially for leadership roles;
  • Create a career pathway for university students at an Eclipse community;
  • Establish two-way mentorship and advocacy programs for existing associates who want to grow their careers;
  • Foster more diverse leadership through professional development and succession

Other ideas sparked from the roundtable discussions will be used to create future programs, benefits, and opportunities, re-evaluate current practices and potential career barriers, and further bolster women associates in the senior living industry.

As we look ahead, we have identified the following key priorities to our workforce that we will focus on. They include:

  • career mentorship
  • day-to-day financial issues
  • family and caring for others
  • getting the most of benefits
  • associate wellness
  • saving for retirement
  • stress, mental health, and anxiety
  • work arrangements
  • work-life balance and flexible work arrangements

Women play a vital role at Eclipse Senior Living. They lead, collaborate, inspire, and deliver care through our thousands of mission-driven associates across the organization. Celebrating Women’s History month with our round-table conversations was a means to authentically connect, interact and gather


At the forefront of caring for the most vulnerable population, we recognize our responsibility as an employer to attract caring, professional, multicultural talent and to share a message about our company’s affirmative stance on inclusion, diversity, equality and acceptance. Our commitment to providing the best care to every resident begins by providing the best opportunities for every associate.

Kai Hsiao
CEO, Eclipse
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