Celebrating Diversity


Recognizing and celebrating the diversity of our campus community.


Binghamton is dedicated to promoting a inclusive learning, living, and working environment through programs and services that engage individuals across campus in discussions about diversity and inclusion, highlight the entirety of campus offerings, and recognize the collective achievements of our minority students, faculty and staff.


The first annual Diversity Days launched on April 19-30, 2017 in alignment with the national Celebrate Diversity Month. The Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) developed dozens of sessions across broad spectrum of diversity-based themes, centered around the importance of recognizing, learning more about and appreciating the unique identities that comprise our collective campus community. All sessions were well attended. The month ended with a speaking engagement from Van Jones, CNN Political commentator.

The Multicultural Resource Center sponsors two student-focused programs in the fall semester. The MRC Culture Fair provides an opportunity for Binghamton student to explore ways to get involved and for cultural student organizations to promote their activities. It is free and open to the entire campus community. The MRC Global Fiesta is an inclusive community activity in celebration of both religious and non-religious holidays around the world.


Harvey Stenger
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