Catalent Employee Resource Groups


Unlock the power of employee resource groups (ERGs) to help drive diversity & inclusion strategies, bringing their perspectives and ideas to support the advancement of tactical plans for recruitment and retention, community outreach, and business growth.


We launched ERGs at a central corporate level as well as across several Catalent locations globally. Currently, we have groups focusing on women, veterans, LGBTQ+ and inter-generational issues. The ERGs are open to all employees in the organization, and their missions are aligned with Catalent's mission, vision, and values. Their strategic platforms support our diversity & inclusion key pillars: culture, people, community and marketplace.


The creation of ERGs has resulted in clear engagement of the participating employees. ERG members, working closely with different areas of our business, participate in generating solutions to common challenges, such as recruitment and retention. ERGs are also drivers of community outreach initiatives and help create a more inclusive culture for all employees.


Mariana Fagnilli
[email protected]


Catalent is a company of "do-ers ," from production-line employees to the CEO. Being as diverse and inclusive as we want to become will require effort and thoughtfulness on all our parts, and I am energized by the challenge of embracing the power of diversity & inclusion for the betterment of our company, our employees, our business partners, and the communities in which we operate. I am glad to share our stories and see the stories of other companies engaged in similar efforts.

John R. Chiminski
Chair and CEO, Catalent, Inc.
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