Business Resource Groups


We recognized that our customers and the markets we serve were evolving and becoming more diverse. We wanted to leverage the diverse experience and skills of our employees to help inform our business strategy.


Our Business Resource Groups

(BRGs) are aligned with the company’s business strategy and assist in achieving our goal of understanding the complex, constantly changing dynamics of the global marketplace and the payment needs of our customers. We leverage the unique strengths, views and experiences of our employees to provide consumer segmentation, research, product innovation, cultural insights and access to networks.

BRG participation provides employees the opportunity to enhance cultural awareness, develop leadership skills and network with colleagues across business units at all levels, including senior leadership. BRG members are afforded opportunities to attend specialized training around leadership, mentoring, career development and other topics as identified by BRG members.

These self-governed groups are comprised of individuals who come together based on similar interests or experiences. BRG participation is voluntary and open to all employees who are interested in and support the objectives of the BRG, regardless of their origin or background.


About half of employees worldwide participate in these groups, of which there are 70 chapters in 30 office locations. BRGs are used to gain insights into target markets, test new products and serve as incubation of new products and solutions.


Marisa Grimes 


Our culture of inclusion has established us as a global company of empowered employees who use their diversity of thought, experience and background to advance innovation and Mastercard’s contribution to society.

Ajay Banga
President and CEO
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