Business Resource Groups at Tufts Health Plan


Launch internal groups to bring employees together based on common interests, or “affinities,” to advance Tufts Health Plan’s business priorities.


Five Business Resource Groups are now active at Tufts Health Plan. The BRGs focus on the 4 “Cs”: Commerce, Culture, Careers, and Community. The BRGs are tasked with creating an inclusive environment that recognizes and celebrates diverse perspectives to achieve both business and personal success by promoting empowerment, engagement, leadership exposure and professional development opportunities.


Five Business Resource Groups officially launched in April, 2017, including: Disabilities (Allies for the Differently-Abled), LGBTQ (Prism), Multicultural (Mosaic), Women (Women Together) and Veterans/Military and now comprise more than 300 members or about 12% of the workforce. Efforts are underway to define each BRG’s mission and goals for 2017 through the development of Business Plans. In just a few months since their launch, these groups have hosted several informative Lunch & Learns.


Juan Lopera
[email protected]


Inclusion has the power to generate opportunities where none previously existed – it can lead to innovation, in business, and in our personal lives. It also can help to lessen or eliminate health or cultural disparities.  For those reasons and more it’s why we at Tufts Health Plan are passionate about it. However, we can’t do this work by ourselves.  All of us together - through creative partnerships, hard work, and full on community engagement – can make it happen.

Thomas A. Croswell
President and CEO, Tufts Health Plan
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