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Supporting a culture of inclusion for a workforce including diverse voices, perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds throughout our organization is essential to unlocking scientific advances, bringing forward important new medicines and serving the needs of patients and society.


The focus at Sunovion was to create a Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) initiative that adds strength to our organization and dimension to ideas and solutions to address business challenges and visualize new opportunities. To ensure that D&I would be an integral part of how we operate at every level and across every aspect of our organization and contribute to shaping a sustainable future for the Company, we needed to form employee-driven groups. Upon formalizing our D&I Initiative and receiving consultation from key D&I industry leaders on building a sustainable, diverse, and inclusive workplace, we polled employees and gained various inputs across the business to identify areas of the greatest employee interest and potential business impact.


As a result of our employee survey, we established the first of four initial Business Impact Groups (BIGs): Women Rising, Family First, Multi-Ethnic Momentum, and Pride Alliance. Chairpersons and leaders were then selected to advance these BIGs. By joining one or more BIGs, employees increase the representation of diverse voices, perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds while contributing to the business and enhancing a culture of inclusion throughout our organization. The BIGs bring passion, energy, and ideas to support and accelerate the D&I Council’s objectives and operationalize an integrated multi-year diversity and inclusion strategy. Since 2020, the BIGs have contributed to internal awareness and education, employee engagement, and advancing business objectives.


To continue to make a difference, we need to tap into diverse perspectives and experiences. Our employee-driven Business Impact Groups are fueling our D&I Initiative, and this body of passionate and focused leaders will sustain our D&I Initiative.

James Rawls
Vice President, Head of Global Regulatory Affairs, and Chair D&I Council, Sunovion
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