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Building Trust through Transparency


Building an engaged culture is impossible without 2 things: transparency and authenticity. We wanted to create a level playing field for all employees to learn, grow, and succeed—both individually and together.


We built transparency into our very foundation, adopting it as a core principle. For us, that means being open and honest about everything, including company health, financials, and compensation.

Our open compensation policy makes company-wide salary histories, bonuses, and promotions available via our HR portal. We’ve created specific pay bands with clear criteria for moving between them so that compensation remains equitable and concrete.

Salary discussions happen openly between employees and their direct managers. We have a documented process for raises, as well as open reviews and 360 feedback to fairly measure performance. Every employee maps a path for personal/professional development in collaboration with their managers, so both have a longview of their goals.

All company financials are shared via our intranet and during monthly all-hands meetings. Our criteria for Cash Reporting and Expense Management Levels help employees understand what actions will be taken when business health shifts and how they will be impacted. We also have a volunteer-based “Reality Check” group that gives the executive team feedback on major decisions, new programs, and communications. Our Workify partnership enables us to collect honest, anonymous feedback from employees.

Transparency is more than a Headspring policy—it manifests in the way we work together. We encourage honest communication, owning both successes AND failures, and cultivating trust with one another and our clients.


Equal pay bands lead to fair compensation and empower employees to rise within the organization. Our open financial policy has kept us all aligned towards company health, which has been especially significant in maintaining both the business and morale during the current COVID crisis.


Yvette Knox
[email protected]


Now is the time to take intentional, authentic action towards building a better and more equitable world, and that starts inside of our company. As leaders, we have a responsibility to sow seeds of change within our own organizations and communities. I want to do everything I can to be part of that.

Dustin Wells
CEO, Headspring
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