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Connect the updated diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy to our business strategy to advance growth goals for customers and agents. 


Westfield's diversity and inclusion strategy was initially focused on talent, workforce and giving back to the communities where employees live and work. We desired to broaden the strategy scope and therefore we identified two new growth goals for customers and agents in 2019 to ensure Westfield remains competitive in the marketplace.

In order to integrate D&I into our business strategy, the Insurance Operations Committee (IOC) was identified as the most effective forum to gain commitment and leverage D&I strategies to grow the business. The IOC includes key leaders across the organization and in each line of business, securing the commitment and influence from these leaders to advance and achieve shared goals.

Westfield recognizes every person and department is responsible for driving D&I strategies and owning results; it's a shared accountability across the organization. The D&I ecosystem identifies the D&I team creating the strategy, the enterprise leadership team approving the strategy and the IOC executing the strategy. Several other groups also support executing the D&I strategy including six employee resource groups, an Inclusion Council, and a Metrics Advisory Committee. The work is also supported by key stakeholders including talent acquisition, talent management, legal, learning and development and analytics.


The Insurance Operations Committee integrated D&I into our business strategy, and created goals for diverse customer and agent growth. A performance objective was also established for the IOC to create commitment for achieving the goals. The key business leaders are now integrating D&I into their business plans.


Kristene Hawk


Leveraging our key business leaders to integrate D&I into our business strategy is critical to achieving our aspiration of attracting and developing a diverse team of talented and engaged people.

Edward J. Largent, III
President, CEO and Board Chair, Westfield
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