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#DisruptTheNorm is a Boyden-driven campaign to accelerate diversity in leadership. It is a call to action to challenge ‘norms’ in processes and dialogues; to acknowledge that we are all contributors to the solution. Boyden’s #DisruptTheNorm Vision: A world where the CEO and its image is not defined by gender, background or ethnicity, but by success.


The #DisruptTheNorm campaign launched in 2018 with the release of an extensive diversity study and a series of thought leadership focused on women’s leadership and board diversity. Articles were further supported by PR and social media.  Boyden supported events and joined affiliations taking action to increase gender diversity at board and senior management levels.

Boyden’s actions include:

  • Release of the Boyden Diversity Study: Furthering Female Leadership. Boyden Partners across Europe conducted research into the barriers, enablers and solutions for increasing female leadership across major industry sectors. Research conducted in Q4 2017 and Q1 2018.
  • Release of The CHRO and the Future Organization: Diversity of People and Thought, a study focused on the transforming Chief Human Resources Officer role, with Part III of the report concentrated on the challenges of organizational diversity. Research conducted in Q1 2019.
  • Conduct over 450+ interviews with female and male leaders and aspiring leaders across all geographies on the topic of diversity. These interviews shaped a series of articles and thought leadership since the campaign launch.
  • Feature our President & Chief Executive Officer, Trina Gordon – the only female CEO to lead a major search firm - as a leading voice on the topic. Empower our Partners across all key markets to connect with regional media on the issue.
  • Establish a series of recruitment best practices for our Partner to implement with their clients.
  • Sponsor and speak at numerous events across the globe supporting the topic of diverse leadership.
  • Join leading groups and forums across the globe, including 30% Club U.K., U.S. and Canada chapters.

We track our leadership placement statistics across North America and report up to 54% higher results in senior level gender placements compared to recorded standards.

In addition to Boyden’s research, articles and recommendations to help accelerate women in leadership, Boyden’s President & CEO and numerous partners have been sought out for expert opinion in global and regional media articles on the subject matter. Examples include:

  • Wall Street Journal: Companies Tie Pay, Performance Ratings to Gender Recruiting Targets [link]
  • Bloomberg: Nike, Under Armour CEO Replacements Were ‘Missed Opportunity’ for Women [link]
  • Bloomberg: In CEO Search, Intel Still Hasn’t Found What It’s Looking For [link]
  • Bloomberg: Indra Nooyi’s Pepsi Exit Means Another Female CEO Replaced by a Man [link]
  • Bloomberg: Retail Apocalypse Gives More Women a Shot as CEO [link]
  • CNBC: Indra Nooyi's exit is a reminder of how much needs to be done to boost women CEO ranks [link]
  • AESC Article: Checking Your Blind Spot: Ways to find and fix unconscious bias [link]

Trina Gordon, President & Chief Executive Officer


The bottom line: management diversity is good for business. Challenging and taking action against the status quo is the only way forward - to disrupt ourselves; to acknowledge our role as advocates and active contributors towards progress.

Trina Gordon
President & CEO, Boyden
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