BorgWarner Women in Leadership


BorgWarner recognized that while the company was successfully attracting qualified female talent to the business, we would lose an equal or higher percentage of women in turnover year over year.


The Women in Leadership Program focuses on women at every level of their career. To begin, we host a one-year mentoring program for early in career, high potential women. Mentees partner with highly regarded male and female mentors inside our organization to network, build relationships and explore career growth. Next is The Women Rising Program©. Here we focus on mid-level women leaders to further build the foundation for ongoing growth and development. Participants explore the differences in how men and women lead and the unique issues that women face. Next is Level Up Your Potential and Leadership. In these Brandon Hall Group award winning courses, participants learn what it means to be a leader in every level of the organization. Upon completion of one program, candidates are invited to the Women’s Executive Forum where high-profile women across industries share experiences of leadership success and failure.


In 2018 and 2019, 57 women completed or are enrolled in one of the above-mentioned programs. 91% of mentees and 94% of managers reported stronger leadership capabilities. 86% of mentees and 88% of managers reported stronger job performance. 20% of Forum participants achieved new growth positions within the company. 



Felecia J. Pryor
[email protected]


To remain an innovative, global leader, we need to include all possible talents and foster diversity and inclusion. We also need to develop, retain and attract the very best. A common denominator in this is access. Our strategy includes access to leaders and mentors to ensure that all are invited, and their contributions are heard, respected and valued.

Frédéric Lissalde
President and CEO, BorgWarner Inc.
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