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Better Serving a Historically Underrepresented Community


To better serve those who live in the Southern Sector of Dallas County or are considering relocating there. 


Dallas County’s Southern Sector is home to a large African-American population, as well as a significant Hispanic community. As a company, we recognized that the Southern Sector of Dallas County is historically, as well as currently, underserved by residential real estate brokerages and their affiliated services, such as mortgage, insurance and title.


We are currently working to expand our physical presence in the Southern Sector, which will increase homeownership opportunities and provide expert representation for the area’s buyers and sellers. As part of this commitment, we are dedicated to expanding the diversity of our employees and sales force.

We are committed to growing our brands and offering our full range of real estate services to every member of our North Texas community who dreams of making homeownership a reality.

Chris Kelly, President & CEO, Ebby Halliday Companies

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