Best Places to Work for LGBTQ+


When we created Fortive in 2016, we created a place where we can bring our best selves to work. Every day since, we have worked to create an open and inclusive environment for our team, in all aspects of their lives. By creating and welcoming diverse teams and individuals, we are better positioned to deliver results, create innovations that matter, and thrive in today’s changing world.  From the beginning, we wanted to ensure that we were creating the right inclusive culture to make this a reality.


Our goal was to ensure that we were creating policies and practices pertinent to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer employees, that would attract and retain our talent for the business.

To achieve that, we went through a process which included a deep and broad review of our policies, benefits and general inclusiveness.  We heavily leveraged the criteria set forth by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2018 Corporate Equality Index, since they are the national benchmarking tool on corporate policies and practices for LGBTQ+ individuals.


In 2017, our first year of applying for the CEI we earned 100% score for LGBTQ Equality on the 2018 Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index. Fortive was amongst the “Best Places to Work for LGBTQ".

We’re proud to stand with the LGBTQ community across Fortive.


Shinder Dhillon


Diversity and inclusion at Fortive, is not just about demographics and statistics. While diverse demographics are important, this is about creating an environment where we are all free to bring our best selves to work. It’s about encouraging all voices to participate in the conversation so that we can become the best we can be. It’s about each of us leveraging our unique strengths for the benefit of our customers and teams, every day.

Jim Lico
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