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Becoming a Woman-Owned Firm


A challenge facing Sugi Capital Management – and nearly all financial services firms, for that matter, is increasing the influence and tangible equity ownership of women and traditionally underrepresented groups. Less than 5% of investment management firms are women owned. On the investment front, we believe diverse perspectives encourage deeper insights, drive greater innovation, and yield better investment outcomes. But in addition, we feel that diverse perspectives are also good for our company and the service provided to our clients, many of whom are women and/are from traditionally underrepresented groups.


When establishing our firm and recruiting for key positions, we had a blueprint for equity ownership, one that created a balance amongst the workforce and ensured fairness and alignment of interest.


First and most importantly, we became a majority woman-owned business. Second, we created an anti-dilution feature in our ownership agreement that ensured that the firm would remain over 50% women owned. And third, we committed as a partnership group that our next hire and our next equity partner would be from a traditionally underrepresented group.


If you want to see progress, put your money where your mouth is. Talk is cheap; equity means action.

Peter Zabierek
CEO, Sugi Capital Management, Inc.
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