Beam Suntory Statement


Published on June 5, 2020

Beam Suntory condemns racial injustice and racism in all forms, and we stand with our Black employees, partners, customers, communities and all who are frustrated that progress isn’t coming fast enough.

As many of us reflect on how we can be part of long-term solutions to the long-standing problem of racism in our society and to achieve social justice for all, we believe that our company is made stronger and better by the diversity of our people, the strength of our convictions, and our respect for one another. We will deepen engagement with our Diversity & Inclusion Council and Employee Impact Groups to help fuel our inclusive culture and affect positive change.

Together, guided by our values, we are determining how we can best help advance social justice for Black communities as we continue to do business the right way, the Beam Suntory way. As a tangible next step, we’re committed to financially supporting the important work of leading social justice organizations. We look forward to sharing more about further actions in the coming days and weeks.

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