Be a Better US


To increase team member community engagement. 


U.S. Venture created its "Be a Better US" program in an effort to increase community engagement among its team members working in 38 states. The goal is to inspire all team members to pick ONE THING they are passionate about and encourage them to get involved in the communities where they live and work. Annually, we feature several stories spotlighting team member involvement in the mission of a non-profit organization to motivate others to contribute their time, talents, and resources to the causes they care about. 

To promote and support community engagement efforts, U.S. Venture provides volunteer paid time off, recognizes personal volunteer hours, and matches personal donations. "Be a Better US" has activated our workforce across the country, resulting in the company investing in a wide-range of causes and movements. 


In 2018, 41% of team members participated in at least "One Thing for Good." Team members used more than 1,500 hours of volunteer paid time off. 385 team members logged 8,343 volunteer hours resulting in $110,057 in donations paid to 214 non-profits. The "Be a Better US" program has generated a 10% year-over-year increase in team member community engagement. 


Lori Hoersch
[email protected]


When I think about what makes U.S. Venture unique as a company, it's our people. I believe our company value of caring relationships is the foundation of our company culture. One of the behaviors at the core of this value is to treat everyone like they belong. At U.S. Venture, we put people first and are committed to building a more diverse and inclusive workplace. We will strive to focus on identifying ways to overcome biases, appreciating different cultures, encouraging diverse points of view, and removing barriers team members may experience in their pursuit to find opportunities to grow within the company. Dedication to this work will not only make U.S. Venture a more dynamic, innovative workplace, but we'll inspire other businesses to do the same. We all crave and deserve a work environment where we can be true to who we are, and celebrate our unique differences and the way they make us stronger at the company and in our communities. 

John Schmidt
President/CEO, U.S. Venture
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