Awareness Education at Scripps


To help employees better understand the company’s equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) strategy and its plans to support them in building a workplace that embraces EDI, Scripps offers several awareness and education opportunities focused on its four pillars: race/ethnicity, gender, LGBTQIA and veterans.


Following the racial unrest in 2020, Scripps started a Courageous Conversations series with an emphasis on issues of racism, inequity and injustice. Chief Diversity Office Danyelle Wright in partnership with company leaders hosted 15 town hall meetings over a couple of weeks for employees to listen and understand each other’s feelings. The series has continued with company wide webinars on topics including implicit bias and microaggressions, allyship, authenticity and intersectionality.

Scripps’ Local Media division, comprising 61 television stations nationwide, led EDI training from 2019-2021 to establish a common language around topics of diversity and inclusion and to identify the implicit biases present in employees’ daily lives. More than 5,000 employees completed the training, which evolved from an in-person model to completely virtual during the pandemic. Training for new hires is being developed, along with mandatory unconscious bias education enterprise wide.


Finally, to accelerate a culture of inclusion, Scripps hosted its inaugural Diversity Symposium in 2021 – a multiday virtual event designed to illuminate pathways to hope, unity and equity. More than 2,000 employees attended sessions with external experts and internal thought leaders on a range of topics.


We’ve heard several stories since the execution of our EDI strategy about employees feeling empowered to be their authentic selves at work. We know that having a diverse workforce ensures we’ll have the right people around the table to drive our company forward.

Adam Symson
President and CEO
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