Athene USA Game Changer Scholarship


Athene recognized there is a need to provide students, no matter their personal circumstances, access to higher education opportunities. The lack of educational access limits students future career choices and also negatively impacts a community’s future talent pool.


In 2019 Athene Holding LTD, partnered with the Bermuda College and created the Athene Scholarship program.  The Athene Scholarship can be awarded up to 10 students each academic year, covers the full costs of each student’s associate degree program and required books. It is available to students attending Bermuda College who have significant financial need and meet a minimum GPA requirement sector. The scholarship supports students pursuing associate degrees in Accounting, Actuarial Science, Business, Economics, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Insurance & Risk Management, Legal Studies or Mathematics.

In 2020, Athene USA created the Athene USA Game Changer Scholarship program to promote and support underrepresented minority students, Latino/Latina/Latinx or Black/African American residing in Iowa in reaching their educational goals.  The program will award scholarships to high school seniors or graduates or current college undergraduates who desire to attend a two- or four-year college or university in Iowa.  The program will grant renewable awards to promote and support students in pursuit of  their bachelor’s degree.

We believe both scholarship programs will help make a difference for students in our community and ultimately in their career options.  More students with higher educational achievements can also impact our community through encouraging and developing the next generation of employees and executives who have a desire to  lead companies to greater success.


In 2020, three students graduated from the inaugural 2019 Athene Scholarship program from Bermuda College. We will launch the Athene USA Game Changer Scholarship program in January 2021 and 20 selected students will receive a renewable $2,000 award.


Angela Jackson

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