Associate Networks


Our Organizational Health Survey, conducted in 2017, indicated that we had low associate engagement and commitment across the Company. In response to this feedback, we created four Associate Networks to build an inclusive culture which would ultimately help with associate engagement and increase talent retention.


Associate Networks are groups of people who voluntarily join together based on identification with others similar to them in terms of interests and life experiences. We implemented four at Milliken: Women, Minorities, New Kids on the Block (Associates who have been with the company for two years or less) and Veterans and Military.

Our networks are inclusive, multi-cultural and multi-generational groups that gather around particular activities such as social gatherings, recruiting, networking and peer coaching and community engagement. The ultimate goal of our Networks is to help Milliken recruit and retain top talent and ensure we allow our associates the opportunity to grow and develop.


Milliken currently has over 400+ US Associates involved in our Associate Networks, with our Women’s Network having a global reach with launches in both Europe and Asia.


Ricaye Harris
[email protected]


Cultivating best-in-class practices around Diversity and Inclusion isn’t just the right thing to do—it’s an essential part of our constant quest for excellence in business. At Milliken & Company, our work to positively impact the world around us begins with a commitment to making sure that every associate feels safe and welcome in the workplace. We strive to give all members of our team the best chance to do the best work possible—now and for generations to come.

Halsey M. Cook
CEO, Milliken & Company
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