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Associate Centric Teams (ACTs)


Engaging employees around DEI topics and creating an inclusive workplace particularly for diverse employees.


In October 2020, Avantor launched three new Employee Resource Groups internally referred to as Associate Centric Teams or “ACTs”. These global ERGS included BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color); Pride Network; and Women in Business. Members of the groups are referred to as allies acknowledging that support for these groups goes beyond those who identify as the impacted group. The structure includes a global director, regional directors (North American, Europe and AMEA) and ambassadors that lead chapters throughout the world. With this structure, ambassadors can address issues specific to their locale and support employees particularly those that are unwired in our distribution and manufacturing centers. During the first year the ACTs focused on growing membership and creating engaging programming.

The ACTS have enabled Avantor to address specific concerns of marginalized groups, engage with these employees about their concerns and raise awareness throughout the company about cultural events. The ACTs also have lobbied for more inclusive benefits such as support for transitioning employees and parental leave. Through the ACTs, region leads have identified local organizations for partnerships. In Q4, 170 associates signed up for volunteer activities. Additionally, leaders from the ACTs developed a mentorship and sponsorship program partnering newer employees with more senior leaders. Based on community feedback, in November of 2021 Avantor will complete the process of launching two additional ACTs for Veterans and Differently Abled.


In 2021, the ACT membership grew by 50% totaling over 2,100 members in Q4, representing 16% of the total employee population.


Noel France

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