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Prior to 2018, Cerner associates organically created various disparate social groups to build community around similar interests and demographics; however, these groups often operated in silos and did not receive corporate-wide visibility.  Our challenge: to cultivate a work environment where associates of all cultures, backgrounds and viewpoints feel empowered to bring their best selves to work and unleash their full potential.


In 2019, the Diversity and Inclusion office launched Associate Business Resource Groups (ABRGs). These groups serve as important links to workforce attraction, career advancement, development, support, market position and community outreach by providing a space for associates to come together and address key success factors through a specific cultural lens.

Chairs and co-chairs lead the ABRGs as strong role models to provide day to day management of the ABRG and help align strategies with the diversity office and corporate priorities. Additionally, ABRG committees with team leads help us create a high-performing, innovative and inclusive culture at Cerner. The team leads manage a wide range of tasks that enable the ABRGs to develop and implement action plans in collaboration with the diversity and inclusion office.


More than 4,000 associates have enrolled in one or more of the eight Associate Business Resource Groups (ABRGs), which include – Women, Veterans, LGBTQIA, Disabilities/Abilities, associates of African descent, Asian descent, Native American/Indian descent and Hispanic/Latinx descent.

The chairs and co-chairs of the ABRGs participated in the Day of Understanding roundtable discussion with CEO, Brent Shafer. The goal of the Day of Understanding was to spark dialogue around "tough" conversations to produce a more inclusive work environment. The chairs of each ABRG participated in a panel discussion at a corporate-wide Townhall.

In Q1 2020 the Associate Diversity Council was launched and meets quarterly to continue to cultivate an inclusive work environment.


Dr. Andrea Hendricks


Delivering on Cerner’s vision of ‘a seamless and connected world where everyone thrives’ requires us to continue to foster a more inclusive work environment where associates from all backgrounds help shape the future of health care. Our ongoing commitment to Diversity & Inclusion is an important aspect of our culture, one that makes Cerner a great place to work.

Brent Shafer
Chairman and CEO, Cerner
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