ASPIRE Leadership Academy


One of the main challenges many organizations including us is facing is the lack of representation of diverse leaders in top leadership positions. Diverse staff members often face unique challenges and barriers that hinder their career progression, such as unconscious bias, stereotypes, and lack of access to networking opportunities. The ASPIRE Leadership Academy can help address these challenges by providing them with the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to navigate these barriers and advance their careers. Additionally, our program can help create a more inclusive workplace culture by promoting diversity and encouraging the development of diverse talent.


The American Cancer Society established the ASPIRE Leadership Academy with the goals of enhancing leadership skills, behaviors, and competencies among high-potential leaders who are diverse by fostering authentic leadership through leveraging their experiences and expertise as learning tools throughout the 9-month program. This approach to developing leaders will inspire them to play a critical leadership role and position the organization internally and externally for greater engagement and impact with the communities we serve. In addition, the program aims to enhance brand reputation, ultimately increasing the diversity of leaders.


The ASPIRE Leadership Academy will commence on April 3 and continue through Dec. 31. The demographics of the inaugural class include 55 percent female, 35 percent male, five percent non-binary, and five percent who chose not to say. Thirty-eight percent are Black/African American, 24 percent Hispanic/Latino, 14 percent Asian, 10 percent White, nine percent Native American, and five percent Middle Eastern/North African. Twenty percent of the group identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ population.

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