Ardagh Metal Packaging — Education


As our business continues to grow alongside an evolving world, we must position ourselves to provide a space for our workforce to learn and grow as well. In growing together, we can better understand the needs of our diverse client base.


We have implemented Unconscious Bias training to various levels of the organization across our U.S. operations. We then provided additional learning and development through "Team Talk" sessions, which are comprised of small groups that expand upon areas such as biases, the power of showing up as your whole self, leveraging our differences and more to carry the D&l platform further and provide additional learning and development. We recognize that simply talking about inclusivity is not enough, but rather is a starting point to create cultural norms and higher expectations.


We're becoming more aware of our patterns and behaviors. Through our ongoing education, we are committed to adjusting those behaviors that do not produce inclusive work environments, including using feedback from the "Team Talks" to tailor future talks in order to hit the topics our teammates wish to examine.


Tynecia Walker

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