Chesapeake Energy Corporation

Appreciating and Engaging Veteran Employees


Chesapeake employees who are former and current members of the military possess qualities that embody Chesapeake's Core Values and culture, as well as outstanding skills and talent, all of which greatly strengthen our company. To help build on these strengths, we needed to take an intentional and proactive approach to recognizing and engaging our Veteran talent.


Newly hired military employees have a number of transitional tools that help them integrate and understand Chesapeake and its culture, including specialized orientations, mentoring by a fellow veteran, professional gatherings and career development training . For full-time employees who are serving active duty, we provide a military differential pay benefit to those who are called to serve or train for 30 or more days.

Recognizing the talent military men and women bring to our organization, we offer a military-only email address to give military candidates direct access to our talent acquisition team. Our recruiting team members are trained to review and translate military resumes for hiring managers to highlight the skills these candidates could bring to Chesapeake.

In addition, each Veterans Day we recognize and honor our veterans in each of our offices, as well as company-wide recognition through our corporate intranet and a message from our CEO.


We are fortunate to employ approximately 150 military employees and benefit from their leadership, integrity and accountability. We are increasing our focus on recruiting additional veterans to Chesapeake, and our current veterans are some of our best recruiters and advocates, because of the way they feel appreciated by the company.

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