Applications Software Technology LLC (AST)’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)


Provide a platform for employees to have a safe place to bring their authentic selves to work and provide a higher sense of belonging.


AST is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace for all employees, starting with creation of three employee resource groups: Black and African American Professionals of AST, Hispanic and Latino Professionals of AST, and Women of AST. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are an integral component of AST’s commitment to helping us drive change in diversity and inclusion. ERGs support AST’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion, as well as employees’ professional development. Each ERG is led by employees for employees and is set up for success with the support of an executive sponsor, HR leader, ERG Policy, and inclusive language guide to help drive success for that group.

In addition, AST created a Diversity, Equity, and landing page on our internal site to keep inclusion top of mind! AST’s Diversity Council’s purpose is to lead the charge for diversity and inclusion at AST by acting as champions of diversity and inclusion to improve our culture continuously. They serve a powerful purpose of assisting the company’s leadership in ensuring tight alignment with the organization’s overall business strategy and helping establish human capital practices that support and accelerate diversity and inclusion goals. The council's primary role is to connect diversity and inclusion activities to a broader business-driven, results-oriented strategy.


Along with the initial three ERGs, AST has developed an ERG startup guide and form for employees to start other ERGs. AST launches a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Survey bi-quarterly to measure the success of diversity and inclusion at AST.


Teresa Stanula, VP Global HR


At AST, we believe we are better together. Exceptional innovation begins when voices are heard that come from all walks of life, facing challenges in creative ways others might not see. When we open ourselves to fresh perspectives, we can face challenges head-on and work our way around roadblocks with ease.

Justin Winters
CEO, Applications Software Technology LLC
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