Anti-Racism Statements


Racism is a rampant and deadly virus. Particularly in light of the most recent incidents of racial injustice around the U.S., CECP recognized the importance of acting with urgency to condemn discrimination and racism, and needed to determine the best way to activate its 220+ affiliated companies to join the antiracism movement.


In an effort to lead the charge, CECP published its Anti-Racism Statement and Anti-Discrimination Policy on its website and called out to its affiliated companies to share their statements as well. The same page that hosts CECP’s related statements serves as a clearinghouse for those of the organization’s affiliated companies.


As of July 10th, 2020, these efforts have enabled CECP to spotlight 180 company statements, thereby increasing visibility for the antiracism movement and encouraging other companies to 1) use their platforms to do the same, and 2) commit to taking action in the service of antiracism.


Ella Snow


Since its founding two decades ago by Paul Newman and leading CEOs, CECP has endeavored to be on the right side of history. The Covid-19 virus has laid bare the inequities in society, and the recent acts of racism have compounded the pain; as we recover and reinvent society anew, we have the opportunity to create a more just and equitable society, not return to a broken “normal.”

Daryl Brewster
CEO, Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose (CECP)
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