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Anti-Racism at Bristol Global Mobility


Bristol Global Mobility wanted to provide positive and worth while information to our global organization in the wake of the BLM movement during Black History Month , and to provide information to support our organizations cohesive thought on this topic internally and externally.


Bristol published an article educating on the roles of significant figures in history recognizing their position in changing views on racial equality during time periods of which significant opposition took place. This was also done globally as an organization in releasing information regarding Black History Week in the UK, providing statistics and facts, also with positive outcomes in our present day that show change through effective communication and education.


Bristol Global Mobility is continuing efforts to create the most positive environments for all people, within our organization, a completely bias free hiring and onboarding process, and along with meaningful and thought-out educational pieces. As well as our hiring for 2021 is some of the most diverse and inclusive we have ever had, bringing a wealth of opportunity to Bristol.


I have always been a champion for equality and the value derived by the full embrace of diversity in all realms. The global mobility industry functions in large-part, on the very principles of diversity and inclusion . Bristol Global Mobility adopted our mission - to Connect with, versus Control people, over a decade ago as we recognized the importance of embracing and unleashing the limitless power found in human-to-human connections... connections that reflect the full spectrum of diversity.

The CEO Pledge is a perfect extension of our values which we, as a global organization, have long embraced.

Joe Cardini
President, Bristol Global Mobility
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