Anser Advisory Diversity Philanthropy and Community

  1. To create a meaningful platform nation-wide to allow our firm to support philanthropic efforts in the communities that we serve and support.
  2. To ensure individuals have the freedom to choose to support organizations that are meaningful to each.
  3. To weave philanthropic efforts into the fabric of our culture.

The firm developed a program called Anser Takes Action which is being rolled out through a phased approach.  Initial steps were to introduce the program nationwide, and allow each region to select charitable organizations in their individual markets to which the firm would provide donations to support their efforts.  Each region had the opportunity to select organizations most meaningful to them, and those organizations were highlighted within internal communications. 

Next steps are to align this philanthropic approach into our recognition efforts for team members.  Anser Advisory has developed a milestone anniversary program which provides tiered rewards based upon years of service.  Milestone anniversary recipients have the opportunity to donate funds to charitable organizations of their choosing.  An additional option for those with higher levels of service is to set up a scholarship fund for need-based individuals, at an institution within their market.  Scholarships would be set up in the name of the milestone anniversary recipient and we would recognize milestone recipients as well as the scholarship winners in our internal and external communications.


Awareness of, and interest in the Anser Takes Action program has been raised.  Our regional offices appreciated the opportunity to select charitable organizations that are meaningful to them.  Initial feedback on the milestone anniversary program through a focus group made up of current and future leaders has been very positive and we look forward to evaluating how many individuals choose to make charitable contributions or set up scholarship funds for needy youths in their communities.


Marlene Humbert, SVP of HR


Our business exists as a combination of the individual and diverse backgrounds and talents of each of our employees. One of our founding core values is to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in our organization. However, when we evaluate how well we are living this value day in and day out, and whether we are an upper quartile performer in DE&I the way that we are in so many other areas of our business, it is clear that we are not.

We have more work to do as an organization to elevate how we foster diversity, equity, and inclusion within our own organization, and also to foster diversity, equity and inclusion in our industry as a whole, and in the communities in which we operate.

I am making the CEO Action Pledge in order to publicly make me and our entire organization accountable to being a leader in achieving DE&I, and to learn from and share with other organizations and CEO’s committed to the same goal.

Bryan Carruthers
CEO Anser Advisory
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