Amicus Therapeutics Call to Action


Imbedding DEI into activities of our business units through the 3 Pillars of DEI

This personal and direct relationship with patients embodies the culture of our organization and drives what we do very passionately every day. You see it when you go to our offices around the world where we have pictures of patients with the diseases we treat accompanied by narratives about their struggles, identities, and lives. We will continue with that same formula as we make conscious efforts to imbed DEI into activities of our business units through the 3 Pillars of DEI. People, Patients, and Philanthropy.


How do we take that perspective and build it into every part of the business? All the way from new hire orientation to the board of directors a conscious effort to make all our decisions as if we were living with these diseases is the core of how we operate.  We will continue to do the same for diversity, inclusion and equitable practices through the following actions.

  • Complete an audit of all people practices and policies to ensure equity for all and incorporate into our 3-year DEI strategy
  • Implement Unconscious Bias training globally for all employees; required in building an inclusive and equitable culture for all
  • Launch employee resource groups
  • Establish a Global Diversity Council
  • Increase diverse recruiting targets for professional and student opportunities

The dedication to patients goes hand-in-hand with our dedication to D&I, Ethics and Compliance. You can’t have one without the other. Acting with integrity, complying with law, and imbedding DEI into everything we do, ensures that everything we do for patients, meets the highest standards of safety and professionalism.

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