AllThingzAP Solidarity Statement


These are difficult times. We are experiencing both the COVID-19 pandemic and
social unrest which includes the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Our responsibilities
as Business Professionals and those in Human Resources, is not just to our loved
ones, family, and friends, but to our employees too.

It would be irresponsible to not recognize that there are many divides in our
diverse country. Racism has denied many blacks, as well as other marginalized
underrepresented minorities, the security, self-worth, and well-being for most of
their entire lives.

Recently, racist events towards the black community remind us that we have to
strive to work harder to include all perspectives, reflect on our experiences, and
embrace an atmosphere that is inclusive, diverse, and equitable with a sense of

This can only happen if we start and continue having these difficult conversations
surrounding race & racism.

As Colin Kaepernick courageously expressed himself, we must kneel in solidarity
with the black community to advance the cause of racial justice so that we can
cultivate and create a society that confirms inclusion and respect for all.

We ask everyone, especially our white friends, to expand their knowledge and
educate themselves surrounding systemic racism in this country. The work will be
challenging and difficult but we can and must do this together.

An open mind with an open heart and a willingness to learn will only create better
organizations and equitable workplaces. We are devoted to fighting injustice and
inequality by providing best practices, the necessary resources and tools, and
training to navigate these tough but necessary conversations to incorporate an
inclusive environment.

We at AllThingzAP highly believe that you should Always Be Your Authentic Self.

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