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Allianz Race in the Workplace


Underrepresentation of people of color in our employee base, particularly in leadership roles. This gap  contributes to broader racially-based economic disparities in our community.


Raise understanding of unconscious bias in hiring and promotional decisions; raise understanding of micro­  aggressions and their impact; revise our talent acquisition strategy to find new sources of talent; create dashboards to hold  leaders accountable for the composition of their teams; increase retention of POC employees by providing targeted  developmental support; raise management commitment to diversity as a fundamental KPI of the company; increase  funding for training, coaching and improving the cultural competency of company leaders.


Higher percentage of POC in our employee population, particularly in leadership roles, more consistent with  the composition of our community population.


Cecilia Stanton Adams, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer 


When we repeatedly fail to achieve our business objectives as  a company, we look closely for systemic factors and quickly try new approaches. This should be as true for our diversity  and inclusion objectives as it is for our financial or customer service objectives. Simply having good intentions is not  sufficient.

Walter White
CEO, Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America
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