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Inspire action by community members to impact the world in positive and enduring ways through the creation of a welcoming and accepting environment. This ongoing commitment spotlights the importance of diversity at Penn State, demonstrates the University’s commitment to inclusivity and inspires all members of the community to take an active role in promoting respect and embracing diversity.

Penn State has a strong, storied history of diversity, inclusion, breaking barriers, pushing boundaries and standing together. “All In at Penn State: A Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion” is a call for every member of our University community to build on those efforts by playing an active role in creating a climate of acceptance and inclusion. It is a call for students, faculty and staff to help Penn State continually evolve.


Students, faculty and staff at Penn State campuses across the Commonwealth gathered Oct. 6, 2016 to help kick off "All In at Penn State: A Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion." The event, held on the Old Main lawn at University Park, was livestreamed for community members everywhere to participate.

The steps the University is taking to promote equity and inclusion fall under 4 general areas: services and support; recruitment and training; dialogue; and awareness and education. Consider a few examples.

Penn State has opened a food service option that meets the standards of Halal and Kashrut for observant Muslim and Jewish individuals.

The Office of Physical Plant is analyzing sports venues that may disadvantage access for the disabled, with the goal of mitigating such problems in the future.

  • The Student Minority Advisory Recruitment Team (SMART) is a voluntary group of 60 to 70 students who help undergraduate admissions recruit and retain underrepresented students.
  • Penn State Police undertook daylong training on “enhancing relations in a diverse community” that included University Park, New Kensington and Schuylkill. The training was an outcome ofthe Task Force on Policing and Communities of Color and included community officers.
  • Residence Life launched an Inclusive Language Campaign for resident assistants to talk about the impact that residents’ words may have on others.
  • Penn State Berks is planning a faculty/staff retreat to discuss how to include diversity into the classroom curriculum.
  • A calendar was created to denote a monthly recognition of different groups and highlights multicultural speakers, films and performances.
  • An“All In” Award for commitment to diversity and inclusion will be given annually.
  • The University’s inaugural “All In” conference took place April 18, featuring speakers who are national leaders in educational equity.
  • An “All In” Capstone is being created for the University Park campus.

In many ways, our students are leading the charge of a more inclusive Penn State, and we must do our best to help them succeed.


Marcus Whitehurst


Diversity and inclusion are part of the fabric of who we are as a university. The All In initiative is encouraging all members of the community to reflect on that and ‘Be who you are. Together.’ By learning from and celebrating what each of us brings to the community, we will be a stronger university.”

Eric J. Barron
The Pennsylvania State University
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