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Advancing Diverse Talent


VP-level or higher leadership roles are often the least diverse within organizations, due to limited opportunities for advancement and access to resources that proactively support growth.


Visa fosters a culture of inclusive leadership, where everyone is treated as a leader and given the opportunity to positively influence change, contribute to successful business outcomes and advance their careers. In addition to live lecture and online curriculum via Visa University, there are a number of programs that have been established to encourage growth and development.

  • Executive Edge: A global leadership program for Visa women - developed in partnership with UC Berkeley Haas School of Business – that targets the development of senior female leaders to continue the upward growth and trajectory of key business strategists. The program components include self-assessment and strengths discovery, leadership coaching and presentations, exposure to senior leaders, as well as action learning where participants work together to solve critical business issues facing Visa.
  • Leadership Programs for Black and Hispanic Talent: Visa offers a number of targeted leadership programs that provide exposure to career advancement strategies and exposure to senior leaders, creating a platform to better recruit, retain and promote Black and Hispanic talent at Visa. These programs open the door to further internal dialogue about key issues and encourage employee engagement.
  • Leading in Asia: Within Visa’s Asia Pacific Region, a multi-feature leadership experience has been created to provide Asian leaders with management expertise, specific development goals and mentorship opportunities for the next phase in their career.
  • Embedded Leadership Training and Curriculum: Inclusive leadership and strategies for building diverse teams are also embedded within general leadership curriculum. Visa ensures that participation in these programs over-index on representation of diverse talent.


  • Over 60 global leaders, VP-level or higher have participated in the Executive Edge program since it began one year ago. Overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees has made this a sought after program within Visa.

Executive Edge gave me a place to be authentic and engage in honest dialogue with other executive women, experts and coaches. Attending the Executive Edge program was an experience that changed me both professionally and personally.” - Visa Executive Edge Participant

  • More than half of the participants in Visa’s Global Leadership Accelerator program are women.
  • Over 200 global Visa leaders attended our summit in the Asia Pacific region and it resulted in an increased understanding of what it means to be a diverse and inclusive organization, inspiring leaders to create action plans and proactively address areas of opportunity in their regions.
  • Since investing in these initiatives, retention rates have increased across Visa’s diverse talent.


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