Actions to Address Systemic Racism

  • Our June 2, 2020, our Chairman and CEO Jeff Eckel sent a letter to all employees, which we also released publicly in order to condemn systemic racism and police brutality in America, and express our unequivocal solidarity with our black employees and the black community.
  • Our immediate actions have and will include convening listening sessions to provide a platform for sharing experiences; holding learning sessions to understand how and where all of us can be constructive allies and advocates; and expanding our charitable giving match by another $1,000 per employee for donations made to organizations confronting racial and economic injustice, voter suppression, and other civil rights violations.
  • We are also making a $100,000 corporate donation to a combination of  TBA Maryland and National groups that focus on: 
    • Providing legal defense for protesters supporting the movement
    • Lobbying for laws that limit police immunity, promote equality, demilitarize the police, etc.
    • Promoting voting and eliminating voter suppression
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