Action Plan to Build Capacity


Texas State University implemented a 2017-2023 Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan. It focuses on long-term goals that will take time to achieve. Thus, we also needed a plan that focuses on short-term goals, one that would enable us, on a daily basis, to immediately and effectively assess and address/respond to current campus climate and culture crises


Texas State adopted the rubric described in Speaking the Truth and Acting with Integrity: Confronting Challenges of Campus Racial Climate as the basis for assessing our current capacity to respond to campus climate and culture crises. On January 25, 2019, using the report's rubric, the Council on Inclusive Excellence, led by our Chief Diversity Officer (CDO), categorized Texas State's capacity as "moderate." Since then, the CDO, the Council, the University President, and the President's Cabinet have worked together to develop and implement Texas State University's Action Plan to Build Capacity. Its primary function is to assign and document the coordination, implementation, and assessment of our day-to-day diversity and inclusion work, while supporting the long-term diversity and inclusion strategic plan. The plan is fluid and continues to evolve, as it is regularly critiqued and evaluated for its effectiveness and revised as appropriate.


Although this is an ongoing project, the Action Plan to Build Capacity has allowed Texas State to address immediate concerns related to diversity and inclusion through the development of communication strategies, address incidents of hate and bigotry, build trust and respect across stakeholder groups, increase dialogue and engagement with student groups, be proactive instead of reactive concerning campus climate concerns, provide continual learning opportunities for faculty staff and students, and establish a strong strategic planning system for diversity and inclusion work.


Dr. Denise Trauth
[email protected]


We knew we needed to do more to evaluate our inclusivity. Especially in today's challenging climate, we needed to assess our capacity to take immediate and effective action. So, in January 2019, our Chief Diversity Officer, the President's Cabinet, and I began developing a Capacity Building Action Plan that now serves as our road map. While our long-term strategic plan is our destination, the Action Plan is what we are doing now to get there.

Dr. Denise M. Trauth
President, Texas State University
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