A Message on Behalf of Venerable Senior Leaders


The killings of George Floyd, AhmaudArbery, and Breonna Taylor that triggered the nationwide unrest are a horrifying reminder that African Americans and people of color face discrimination, prejudice, and racial injustice every day. Venerable stands in solidarity with the African American community against these systemic atrocities.

We acknowledge the pain and emotions we are all feeling and are committed to supporting you as we process these events. As an organization, we stand by our core values. We must have the courageto discuss these issues openly, cognizant of each other’s personal challenges and humble that we will make mistakes as we strive to understand each other better. Now, more than ever, we must remain connectedto each other and our communities. Venerable will redouble our efforts to sustain an equitable environment and to include diverse perspectives and backgrounds throughout our organization.

We know there is a long road ahead for our country. There is not a single solution to the complex problems of racism and discrimination faced by African Americans and people of color and overcoming them will require active engagement by all Americans. Let’s commit to this work with intensity and an open heart, showing respect and empathy as we listen, learn, and work to do better for all.


Pat Lusk and David Marcinek

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