A Message from Denis Hickey


From the unacceptable bias of Amy Cooper in Central Park, to the horrific treatment and tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, to the riots across the country, the last week has been very difficult to watch.

I continue to be appalled by the systemic racism that is infused across all aspects of our society and the bias treatment of black people. While I am fully supportive of our right (and often obligation) to demonstrate against these atrocities, as history shows that active presence has driven important change, it is also very difficult to witness the violence and rioting. It just isn’t acceptable.

Like many of you, I am looking hard at my own values and what actions I need take in this fight for equality as we work towards a zero-tolerance policy on racism, hate speech, and discrimination. Because, Black Lives Matter.

In these troubling times we need strong leadership that will bring people together and be a catalyst for progress. Let’s hope we as individuals and as a society rise to the occasion. In the meantime, I thought I’d share a post from a former President who talks eloquently of the challenge within this country:


Stay strong

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