NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 13, 2020 - February marks the start of the second annual ‘Day of Understanding,’ an event created by CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ (CEO Action) to help address potential bias in the workplace and help foster a culture of inclusion and understanding. According to recent research, half of all diverse employees experience bias as part of their day-to-day work experience. This is why the CEO-driven coalition is expanding its annual event into a month-long opportunity to engage in conversations to educate people and support inclusive workplace cultures. Through regular, direct and honest dialogue, employees begin to trust their leadership and the culture of the organization grows as a result. This trust is fundamental to building understanding.

“CEO Action is rooted in the truth that everyone contributes to our ability to make progress in the areas of diversity and inclusion,” said Tim Ryan, U.S. Chair and Senior Partner of PwC and chair of the CEO Action steering committee. “The Day of Understanding brings this idea to life by providing a platform for dialogue, which can lead to greater relationships and helps every employee recognize that we each have the ability to bring about change. It is a chance to learn, discuss, and appreciate differences between colleagues as we grow to drive greater inclusion in the workplace.”

This year, over 200 CEO Action signatory organizations are taking part in the ‘Day of Understanding’ by hosting one or more “tough” conversations at their respective organizations anytime during or around the month of February. Topics may include key D&I issues, such as race, gender and sexuality to help foster greater understanding and appreciation of differences. By expanding the observance to the entire month of February, companies will be able to more effectively host conversations in line with their culture and diversity and inclusion strategy. Some teams are taking advantage of the extra time by hosting a number of virtual workshops while others are traveling to satellite locations to engage with employees in-person.

“Between diversity and inclusion there is a bridge. At Bayer, we believe courageous conversations can be that bridge,” said Phil Blake, President of Bayer U.S. “We are focused on embedding inclusive practices across our businesses, and we continue to work to support highly innovative, inclusive, and collaborative teams. The Day of Understanding is another step in bringing the commitments of the pledge to life so we can make a meaningful difference in our workplaces and communities.”

In an effort to spark as many conversations across the U.S. as possible - now and throughout the year - CEO Action is also offering an expanded library of resources and webcasts for signatories to help drive conversations. The new offerings include:

Day of Understanding Real-Talk Dialogues: The Day of Understanding Real-Talk Dialogues podcast will dive into how to connect with people and have real, authentic conversations about D&I. They will include thought-provoking conversations on pressing social issues to broaden individual perspectives and awareness of others’ experiences to help build authentic relationships. The first Real-Talk Dialogue conversation will feature Reggie Butler, founder and CEO of Performance Paradigm LLC, who alongside a series of guests will share insights and experiences aimed at supporting personal growth. Designed as a resource for CEO Action signatories, the dialogues will help provide a flexible way to host conversations regardless of organization size or budget.

Day of Understanding Curriculum Library: In addition to a suite of resources created by CEO Action, the coalition is creating a curated library of signatory-sourced materials including video series, interactive experiences, conversation prompts, and workshops. Customizable for any organization depending on industry, size, geography of the workforce or progress of their diversity journey, the materials advance one goal: to encourage an ongoing dialogue in the workplace that helps individuals gain greater awareness of others experiences and perspectives to build trust and reinforcing our commitment to a culture of inclusivity.

“As business leaders, inclusion and diversity should be a major focus” said Efraim Grinberg, Movado Group CEO. “We need to embrace our differences and provide opportunities for our employees to discuss them and to address how they affect our workplace. This is no longer an option for companies that want to continue to be successful – it’s a mandate.  We want to ensure that our employees feel comfortable and safe coming to work every day, and that we address any issues that may arise. Forums like this are an important part of creating an environment where our employees can do their best work every day and can all have an equal opportunity to succeed in a safe and respectful environment. These are complex issues and today’s programming is another step on our continuing journey of inclusion,” he said.

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