ACCP: The Conference Main Stage Conversations Focus on Advancing Diversity and Inclusion

March 20, 2018

Seattle, WA

On March 20th, CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ signatories Michael Bush, Great Places to Work CEO and Ron Parker, former Executive Council of Leadership president and CEO, took the main stage with Mark Shamley, ACCP president and CEO to discuss best practices of advancing conversations regarding diversity and inclusion with C-suite leaders and executives.

L-R: Ron Parker, Executive Leadership Council former president and CEO; Michael Bush, Great Places to Work CEO, and Mark Shamley, ACCP president and CEO

Addressing an audience of more than 225  professionals, Michael and Ron shared the below insight:

 Creating a dialogue:

You must have the business case to get in the room, but don’t think that’s the only obstacle you’re facing. Use it to get into the room first. - Michael Bush


If you aren’t consistent in your messaging, you’ll be on the menu. - Ron Parker

Annual reporting:

Work collaboratively across all functional areas to tell your story in an annual report, not as an addendum. - Ron Parker


Be a “for all” leader. - Michael Bush

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