Verisk Returnship Program


How to expand our hiring strategy so Verisk attracts a more diverse candidate pool and expands its access to top talent.


The Verisk Returnship Program was created to support professionals who stepped away from the workforce to care for children or other family members. The initiative gives experienced professionals an avenue for returning to work, while acknowledging their time away as a caregiver. The program re-acclimates returnees to the workforce through Verisk professional development workshops, networking events, mentorships, as well as projects designed to refresh their skills.


Since the program’s 2017 inception, Verisk has welcomed 15 returnees who have worked in HR, Marketing, Finance, Strategic Actuarial Operations, Customer Service, Risk and Compliance, Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as other departments. Seven returnees joined Verisk as full-time employees after completing the program. With the success of the initiative in the U.S., Verisk expanded the Returnship Program globally to attract talent in other geographic locations.

Supplementing traditional recruiting methods with new approaches has increased diversity in Verisk’s talent pool. In addition, the Returnship Program has empowered candidates and helped to boost economic growth in the community.


Jeff Natale


While we’re an analytics company, at our core, Verisk is a people company. Businesses rely on our data and insights to drive better decisions and outcomes. And, the strength of these ideas is directly tied to the blend of perspectives and voices in the room.

Scott G. Stephenson
Chairman, President & CEO, Verisk Analytics
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