Targeted Talent Development


There was a need to develop diverse, high performing employees outside of their current organizational boundaries in order to provide broader development and exposure within the Company.


The Targeted Talent Development program was designed to take high performing, high potential diverse employees within the Company and assign them to cross-functional, cross­ organizational projects to broaden their development. The secondary objective was to ensure there is cross-organizational participation on significant Company projects.


The Targeted Talent Development program was established by one of the global business leaders to address the challenges highlighted previously. With the input from his global team, the leader piloted the program and received participant nominations from the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. Participants have been successfully contributing to projects and their feedback has been positive.

Another aspect of the program to enhance the development of participants was their attendance in a three-day development workshop. The global participants convened in the Corporate headquarters for an agenda focused on business strategy, key Company initiatives and skill development. As a result, this cohort group came away energized and they built relationships with peers for ongoing networking and support. The Targeted Talent Development program will be expanded to the other businesses. As the program expands, we plan to continue to invite participants to cohort development workshops in our Corporate office.


We have made progress on diversity in recent years, but we need to do more to increase the rate of progress. When we identify diverse talent and place them in stretch roles, we have to do more as an organization to support their success."

Bob Eck
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